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Radix DeFi Ecosystem

What will you build with Scrypto?

A World of Possibilities

Radix dApps are built as smart contract “blueprints” written in Scrypto.
Scrypto makes it easy and secure to build powerful DeFi functionality because assets are a first-class feature.

Scrypto is now available in "early access" form with Alexandria, enabling developers to start building and testing. On-ledger deployment of Scrypto begins with Babylon, expected for July 2023release.

Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized Exchanges, also known as DEXes, allow users to exchange two or more tokens in a single transaction, at a certain price, without the need for another party to facilitate the transaction.

DEXes allow users to trade assets without the need for a trusted third party. They are the first ever examples of a censorship resistant, non-custodial, and permissionless way of exchanging assets electronically.

Popular dApps today
CaviarSwap is a decentralized exchange, powered by Radix DLT with the native token being FLOOP. Caviar is the leader in DEX innovation with Single Token Liquidity Providing, Dynamic Fees, AI assistance, FLOOP staking, Pool based AMM and user defined token risks.
Blazing the way for easy swaps at global scale. Ociswap is the first pairwise decentralized exchange in the special meow-y way that will be launched at the Radix Babylon release. Building exclusively on the future-proof Radix network with drastically reduced risk for hacks and exploits allows us to provide super easy, always fast and safe swaps at near zero cost.
RaDEX is a constant function AMM DEX protocol built on the Radix ledger using Scrypto: the smart contracts language of the Radix ledger. RaDEX is a reimagination of the Uniswap v2 built with the new concepts introduced by Radix.
An almost-production-ready Scrypto package for using Bancor-style bonding curves as an AMM on Radix. Created by @devmannic it showcases high-precision math and community packages scrypto-unit and scrypto_statictypes to increase quality and security.
HareSwap is a P2P DEX platform @devmannic created for the first Scrypto Challenge. Inspired by Airswap but unique to Radix. Transaction manifests and advanced Blueprints enable trading and customizable settlement of any resource on the Radix Ledger.
ChainDEX is an order book exchange built for defi.


A stablecoin is a class of cryptocurrencies that attempt to offer price stability and are backed by a reserve asset. Stablecoins have become popular as they provide the instant processing and security or privacy of cryptocurrencies' payments along with the volatility-free stable valuations of fiat currencies.

Stablecoins base their market value on an external reference. This could be a currency like the U.S. dollar or a commodity's price such as gold. Stablecoins achieve price stability via collateralization or algorithmic buying and selling of the reference asset or its derivatives.

Popular dApps today
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In lending, borrowers pledge their crypto assets as collateral and avail loans in stablecoins or other crypto assets as a means of financing.

However, unlike TradFi, DeFi lending uses algorithmic systems where lending and borrowing rates are determined automatically based on each asset's real-time supply and demand. 

This automated approach means more flexibility and access for anyone looking for financing.

Popular dApps today
DegenFi is a lending protocol for degens masquerading as credit worthy borrowers. Its main feature allows users to leverage their underlying assets to earn a multiple on their earnings (or losses) using flash loans.
This project provides a set of blueprints which when used together will allow you to offer micro-finance services on the ledger.


Insurance protocols provide cover against smart contract failure & exchange hacks using a decentralized protocol, so people can share risk without needing an insurance company.

Popular dApps today
Nexus Mutual
Opium Insurance
Coming soon...
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Futures, Options, & Derivatives


A futures contract is an arrangement between two users on an exchange to buy and sell an underlying crypto asset at an agreed-upon price on a certain date in the future.


Options give the holder the right to buy (call) or sell (put) an underlying crypto asset at a set date without being obligated. 

Synthetic Assets

Synthetic assets, also known as synths, are an asset class formed by combining cryptocurrencies and traditional derivative assets, making them tokenized derivatives.

Popular dApps today
Trustless, transparent & secure. Delphibets is the first prediction market protocol being built on Radix DLT. Users will have the opportunity to place bets and compete with opposing bettors by predicting future events. Alongside Peer-2-Peer (P2P) betting, the protocol utilizes complex AMM and totalisator mechanisms that ensure an engaging, responsive, and frictionless user experience.

Portfolio Management & Yield Farming

Portfolio Management

Automated asset management lowers the barrier to entry for the regular users looking to invest in crypto. Instead of managing multiple accounts and wallets, crypto asset management platforms simplify the process by consolidating the user's holdings while simultaneously providing improved portfolio management tools, resulting in better returns.

Yield farming

Yield farming is the practice of staking or lending crypto assets to create high returns or rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency. Yield farming protocols incentivize liquidity providers (LP) to stake or lock up their crypto assets in a smart contract-based liquidity pool. These incentives can be a percentage of transaction fees, interest from lenders, or a governance token.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! Radit is the first and only community platform running on the Radix ledger, powered by $RADIT - the first yield token on Radix.


NFTs are unique digital items such as collectibles or artworks or game items. As an artist, you both ensure that it is unique and brand it as your work by tokenizing your work. The actual ownership is blockchain-managed.

Popular dApps today
NFT Stars
VikingLand is a NFT marketplace that is exclusively built on the Radix network. It offers low cost NFT selling/buying/trading both for NFT traders and NFT artists. VikingLand also offers creators a NFT launchpad to get their artwork out on Radix without anything needed.
FOTON is a modular NFTs Marketplace and SDK allowing users to create various Tokenized Digital Assets and to sell or trade them with other users. Assets range from digital art, in-game items or tickets, to subscriptions or access passes to gated content.
Radish Eco
Radish aims to innovate the application of digital assets by utilizing Scrypto’s composability within a friendly environment where creators can unleash their ideas!


Since we have so many gamers who spend endless hours and money on gaming platforms, DeFi gaming platforms will enable them to monetize their time and progress. The play-to-earn games offer the best of both worlds - they provide an entertaining experience and make playing games lucrative.

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An oracle acts as a reliable data source and sends data from the outside physical world, such as match scores or current market value of stocks or currencies, to a blockchain. An interacting app can then use this data to decide if the specified contract requirements are fulfilled or not, based on which, whether to dispense money and to whom.

Peter Kim
NeuRacle is a Decentralized, Trustless Oracle built on Radix Ledger that provide decentralized, trustless data validation service to bring-in off-chain data.
This oracle style component gives blueprint developers the power to schedule method callbacks to happen at a specific epoch or wall-clock time. It also showcases the flexibility and power of Scrypto's asset oriented approach.

DAOs & Governance

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, also known as DAOs, are an exciting new form of collective action closely related to the general category of Governance. DAOs often allow groups of people to make decisions, gather and spend funds, or otherwise come together as a group in a way that is fair, transparent, and decentralized.

Popular dApps today
Impahla is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governing a community-owned digital assets platform specializing in crypto-native start-up fundraising (via Fungible Tokens) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) full-cycle management platform.
Adept is a platform that empowers digital creators to build their own decentralized communities. We take a “user first” approach focusing on providing users with all the necessary tools and components to build and manage their own community.
Crowd Sourcing
This is a blueprint example of a crowdsourcing campaign. The creator becomes a fundraiser, while anyone can pledge to the campaign, or recall their pledge. The fundraiser can withdraw the collected XRD if the campaign has ended and the goal is met.


XRD.domains is the primary developer of the Radix Name Service (RNS), a community owned project operated by The RNS Foundation. The RNS provides the community with human readable addresses and corresponding sources of trust and reputation.
RadLock provides tools to increase safety and trust on Radix for both founders and investors. Core services include: locking, vesting, launchpad and more.
Ideomaker is a multi tool application allowing users to easily build products and services faster on an open network of global creators and suppliers, and to boost their distribution with automated sales and logistics.
Radix Stream
Radix Stream is a self custodian Mobile Wallet that makes it Easy & Safe to store, send, and receive tokens on the Radix ledger.
DSOR ("dee-soar") aggregates multiple venues of liquidity in the Radix ecosystem to provide you with the best optimal trade execution. Slick UI design, powerful centralized realtime optimal routes solver, staking + more arriving at Babylon

What will you build with Scrypto?