Radix Ecosystem Fund and Grants

Providing support to entrepreneurs building on the Radix Network

25m XRD to support dApp builders

In order to support builders from their first lines of Scrypto code until they reach the highest accomplishments with their dApps, the Radix Ecosystem Fund will gather several activities, rewards and grants to support developers and entrepreneurs from day one.

Developer Incentives

As part of the developer program, Scrypto developers can receive 3 types of rewards: 

  • Win $200 in XRD: Submit an Outstanding Asset-Oriented DeFi Blueprint
  • Win up to $1500 in XRD: Impress the CTO 
  • Earn $500 in XRD: Celebrating Community Leaders

Milestone Rewards

Launching Q1 2024

Milestone rewards will be distributed to teams for their dApp’s outstanding achievements in the Radix ecosystem. A wide range of milestones may be awarded, so if you’re a builder, make sure to share your updates and achievements via the Ecosystem Success Form.  

→ More information about the Milestone rewards will be shared at launch. Sign up to the developer program to stay updated.

Booster Grants

Applications are open now

Booster Grants are expanding to be an "always on" support for our developer ecosystem following the success of the Babylon Boosters which supported 20 teams to launch their dApp during the Babylon Mainnet upgrade. Receive up to 15k USD in XRD, unlock co-marketing opportunities, get your dApp featured via "Runs on Radix" content, and unlock valuable partnerships. 

Scrypto Challenges

Launch TBC

Get ready for the return of Scrypto challenges! You'll have the chance to practice and improve your Scrypto skills, create code examples that showcase your talents and make a meaningful impact in the Radix community, and win prizes!

→ Stay tuned for the upcoming challenges.  Sign up to the developer program to stay updated.

Radix Grants Program Cohort 2

Launch TBC
The first Radix Grants Program was key in allowing participants to take their project to the next phase while also creating lasting bonds between founders. Furthermore, it is no doubt that the combination of hands-on support and funds the teams received is a proven recipe for success. Cohort 2 of the Radix grants program will be announced later in 2024, stay tuned.

More activities and updates about the ecosystem fund to be announced.

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