Build the future of DeFi with Scrypto

The simplest production app you’ve ever built – and it manages $100M dollars.


The asset-oriented programming language for DeFi

Scrypto is the open source smart contract language of the Radix public network. Scrypto rethinks how smart contracts are built to finally let developers create secure and powerful DeFi dApps (decentralized apps) that users can rely on – spending most of their time and code on functionality, not worrying about losing money. Here’s how:

Security through simplicity

Scrypto is asset-oriented, meaning that Scrypto is the first language where assets of value (whether tokens, NFTs, and more) are first-class types that ensure nothing is lost or unaccounted for at runtime. Developers can confidently focus on writing core dApp logic that is safer because they never have to implement asset behavior and error-checking themselves – eliminating risk and complexity at the same time.

Powerful, familiar, built for finance

Scrypto is based on Rust, providing the powerful and expressive logic of one of the best-loved languages today, while adding asset-oriented primitives and functions that let the developer focus on quickly programming finance, not programming a blockchain.

Share and get rewarded

Scrypto takes open source to the next level. An on-network “Blueprint Catalog” of reusable pieces of functionality will allow developers to contribute and leverage code that isn’t just open – it’s alive and proven out every day. And an on-network royalty system will let any developer get directly rewarded for their contributions, large or small, as they are used – like Spotify for code.

Get Started with Scrypto

Scrypto is the open-source smart contract language of the Radix Network.

Scrypto is currently implemented as a set of libraries and compiler extensions for Rust that add syntax and data types to make use of specific features of the runtime environment of the Radix network, called Radix Engine. These features, syntax, and data types together enable and encourage an "asset-oriented" style of programming that is concerned primarily with the simple and direct management of assets like tokens and NFTs as first-class platform features.

Following the Babylon release, Scrypto code is now deployable to the Radix public network.
Open up the Scrypto toolbox and see what you can do
Start building your own Scrypto project
Check out official examples of Scrypto Blueprint basics
Access a collection of utility pages to help you during the development of your own dApps.
Access a configurable dApp frontend simulator to let you experiment with Radix Wallet logins and requests for data.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

The next gold rush for developers

Finance of the last 300 years

Finance today is exclusionary, expensive, and uncompetitive. It's the same system built around a small number of banks that we've had for hundreds of years.

DeFi thats built for the next 100

DeFi remakes finance by creating a platform where any developer can create apps that do anything the banks can do better, cheaper, and faster – with the reach of the internet.

And it’s just getting started. DeFi today is less than 0.05% of the $400Tn total value of global finance.

Radix Video

A Financial Revolution on Pause

Radix Public Network

The open platform for global-scale DeFi

Radix is the first layer-1 decentralized network protocol designed for the needs of DeFi at the scale of global finance. Over its Alexandria, Babylon, and Xi’an releases, Radix is delivering a platform where developers can confidently launch mainstream-ready dApps, with the scalability to ensure the platform never stands in the way of success.

Built for Builders

A new kind of smart contract, ready for global finance.

Built for Scale

Unlimited throughput.
Low fees. Forever.

Radix DeFi White Paper

Technology vision for the first layer-1 network designed for DeFi developers

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Connect, learn, make your mark

Radix offers a Radix Developer Program that will give you access to a developer community, resources, exclusive events, rewards, and recognition – everything you would need to be successful as a DeFi developer.


Connect with the Radix team and community on the #scrypto channel (and many more) on the official Radix Discord server.


The community-run Radix Developer Discussion Telegram channel is a great place to chat with Radix builders and other technically-minded folks.